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Kamwe Trading Company LTD is a limited liability company established since 1993. It’s a business set up for the purpose General Trading and Suppliers, engineering Works Dairy Farming Catering Service, Logistics Financial Service, Clearing and Forwarding, Labor Recruitment and Export, Tracking Services to mention a few.

Kamwe Trading Company Limited was entirely formed as a result of the increasing demand for security services in East Africa, Middle East especially areas with most challenging and hostile environments of the world to provide a wide range of Security, Hotel Management, House Keeping, and Health Care Services.

The company was incorporated on the 9th November, 1993. The company treats Ugandans on International Professional Security Association (IPSA) standards. Kamwe Trading Company Limited has been inspired by the escalating security threats to people and their property and the accompanying fatalities. Kamwe Trading Company Limited has offices/branches in East Africa (Uganda) and various locations in the UAE. The company offers total and powerful solutions to businesses in the most challenging and hostile of environments. With extensive human and technical resources, a global footprint, and the necessary depth of know how and experience we are able to support and achieve our clients’ objectives in any corner of the world.

Our Principles


To serve the stake holder of the business to the best of our ability and their satisfaction. Kamwe trading company ltd aims at providing excellent services to the customers, motivating employees to the best of their satisfaction, while abiding to the rules and regulations governing any business in any company worldwide.


To provide quality, timely services that exceeds the expectation of our esteem customers.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to offer our clients high quality products and services professionally in the fastest, dependable and most satisfactory manner.


We offer comprehensive solution in movement of goods via sea freight and airfreight We provide customers with the best services at competitive prices at all times


1. To organise, manage, develop and activate human and material resources and expertise; to endeavour to promote the company’s activities in collaboration with individuals and other companies under contracts and joint venture.

2. To provide a wide range of security services and employment opportunities.

3. To provide information, consultancy and management in provision, marketing, resource and man power development in the business of recruitment and deployment of labor.


Kamwe Trading Company Limited was initiated by bona fide Ugandans under the private security organisation Act of parliament. It is registered and licensed by The Uganda Inspector General of Police and Incorporated in the Uganda Registration Services Bureau as a Limited Liability Company on the 9th November,1993. It is formed due to increasing demand for security services in the country locally and internationally.


Occupational health is a phenomenon that is often taken for granted by some players in the Security Industry leading to more than ten years of many tragic incidents .This has not only been a monetary and time cost to our clients but also led to loss of life, property and a general disrepute to the Security Industry. At Kamwe Trading Company Limited, no such incidences are compromised but we take seriously the issue of health and safety of our staff, when on duty. 4 Kamwe Trading Company Limited envisages a working environment that enhances productivity and reduces the risk of accidents to its employees.

We are aware of the environmental hazards and we take the necessary precaution to ensure a safe and conducive working environment. Consequently we are in partnership with several medical outfits to educate our staff on safety precaution measures, for better standards.


Kamwe Trading Company Limited has 15 permanent office employees currently at its Head Office in Kampala, Two appointed Directors heads of departments and over 2000 guards on standby ready for deployment but the number are always increased whenever deemed necessary by our clients. Kamwe Trading Company Limited recruits specialised professionals to urgent existing manpower. These are deployed depending on clients need. However they are also well trained militarily to also carry out duties in specialised areas of interest, thy include returnees from Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. We have the capacity to provide manpower to any sizeable client at competitive rates whilst maintaining excellent and quality service, suited for each job vacancy.


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