Kamwe Trading Company Limited has a firm grasp in the area of logistical supply. Over the years we’ve established and fostered numerous relationships that have proven our ability successful to satisfy any of your company’s needs in a hostile environment. Whether your require backpacks for your entire staff or armored vehicles to transport your company’s CEO, Kamwe Trading Company Limited can meet your needs.

Kamwe Trading Company Limited can assist in the mobilisation/ demobilisation of personnel to the work site at substantial cost savings over commercial air fares. We have affiliated ourselves with charter flights that can bring personnel from anywhere in the world directly into the theatre of operations, without the need for multiple stops or visa fees. We are able to bring these aircraft into place with minimum advance notice, and can usually begin deployment within 72 hours.


Architects & Engineering Professionals

Kamwe Trading Company Limited has access to the very best architects and engineers (civil, mechanical and electrical) that can be found anywhere around the world. Our architects and engineers are highly vetted and guaranteed to have the highest internationally recognized credentials.

Medical Personnel

Kamwe Trading Company Limited has the ability to provide a broad range of specialised medical personnel ranging from nurses to doctors and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) to radiological technologists. All of our medical personnel are thoroughly vetted and highly qualified in their respective scope of practice.

Skilled Tradesmen & Basic Labourers

Kamwe Trading Company Limited can provide basic laborers and a wide variety of skilled tradesmen ranging from construction workers to mechanics and food service personnel to heavy machine operators. We have experience providing TCN’s to fill numerous roles to include vehicle mechanics, generator repairmen, plumbers, carpenters, and electricians. If you have a basic labor need, we can meet it.


We have a connection of personnel – who have been trained, and have experience of 10 years, working with leading PSCs working on stringent DOD/ DOS projects in Iraq and Afghanistan. The training most of these personnel have already undergone includes

Combat First Aid

Glock /perform Operator Maintenance M4/Glock safety and handling procedures AK 47 handling procedures
Engage short targets with the M4 and Glock

Use of force/Force continuum Dynamics of terrorist Organizations Guard Mount/Post procedures

Operate ECP &VCP
Conduct force protection Measures

Stand post

Weapons Qual Afghanistan local customs and courtesies Safeguard classified Materials
Search procedures Afghanistan laws Geneva convention

  • International code of conduct for PSC providers
  • Anti-terrorism and force protection measures.
    Ugandans are extremely mobile geographically, quickly adapt to different environments, and are easily “trainable”.

    The Following Jobs are Available in Qatar, U.A.E, Dubai, Canada, Iraq, and other countries

    1. Security Guards & Escorts 2. Heavy Trucks Drivers
    3. Civil Engineers
    4. Waitress

    5. Nurses
    6. Waiters Midwives
    7. Plumbers
    8. Sales Ladies
    9. Electrical Engineers
    10. Crane Operators
    11.House Maids
    12.Petrol chemicals
    13.Manufacturing & Construction Engineers 14.Accountants
    16.Dog training
    17.Management staff
    18. I.T
    19.Personnel Cleaners

    Minimum requirements necessary to purse your dream job

  1. 20 passport photos with a white background
  2. A passport with 4 colored photocopies
  3. Photocopies of Academic documents “O” & “A” level
  4. Certificate of Discharge (For security guards)
  5. Certificate of good conduct (Interpol obtained from Kololo )
  6. A valid driving permit (for Drivers)
  7. should have recommendation from their previous employers if any
  8. Certificate of any profession
  9. 4 Full photograph
  10. The initial recruitment steps are outlined below;

• Identify the need to hire
• Identify hiring requirements outlined in contract work • Identify the type of recruit -Local or Foreign
• Identify the method of recruitment
• Recruit

After collecting an adequate number of resumes to fulfill contracting needs the vetting process begins. The sequential nature of the process is designed to ensure the candidate passes all stages prior to hire. Our time tested procedures allow us to provide customers with a qualified workforce and a seamless transition.


For price we are guided by the following criteria:

• Size of the Assignment.
• Period to be spent on the Assignment.
• Nature and complexity of the Contract.
• Technicality & Expertise required in the target assignment.
• Generally, negotiations form Centre stage in all categories of business to be undertaken.

However proformal invoices are always submitted in those areas that the client shows interest.
A tentative price list/Catalogue can be availed on request.


Kamwe Trading Company Limited and their associates conduct full background checks through INTERPOL, local district police, and intelligence agencies and offer these documents as required for review in the employee’s file at any time. Using a number of different sources to develop a full background profile allows us to control security risks for each of our potential recruits.
Candidates are assigned a risk profile and only the lowest risk profile candidates are sent forward on assignment, helping us control the risk of security and intelligence breaches as well as potential for any illegal activity or general misconduct.

  1. A detailed C.V
  2. Should be medically fit



A key area within our management methodology is the simple idea of safety. Kamwe Trading Company Limited draws from its experience of conducting large scale security operations in UAE to ensure that safe and sound decisions are not just being made randomly – but through an established Risk Management System. Our management team will utilize our Risk Assessment System for each and every task of the contract mission. Our team’s ability

to make sound decisions, safety calls, and overall daily mission risk will be coordinated through proper intelligence and managed by ensuring everyone – from the security specialist to the Project Director understand how to assess the risks, and mitigate them or report concerns up the chain of command. A Risk Management Analysis will be conducted for each mission tasking and each Task Order .Kamwe Trading Company Limited will employ numerous management techniques and tools to monitor and alleviate risks. We will follow in house and industry wide NSI, ISO 9001, and PSBD standards and practices.


The company has elaborate medical screening and immunization processes in place at the best possible facilities in Uganda, comparable with the
best international standards. These activities are spearheaded by our own Coordinator, Medical Services. Kamwe Trading Company Limited personnel have been involved continuously in the development of medical screening systems that have set the standards. We shall follow your guidelines on the types of medical tests that a candidate has to clear prior to being cleared for employment


Kamwe Trading Company Limited uses several information sources to gather information on potential employees. These sources include at a minimum INTERPOL, local district police, credit agencies (if applicable), intelligence agencies, UAE Embassy and the US Embassy (where necessary). This allows us to develop a full risk profile of each candidate