We deal with a wide range of clients from individuals, Parastatals, Corporate, Non-Governmental Organisations, big and Small-scale enterprises, to mention but a few. Our major clients are situated in United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Afghanistan.

For professionalism and mutual understanding, KAMWE TRADING COMPANY LIMITED allows the clients at any time to be updated on the progress of the activities and job situation in areas of employment. Reports are always written for the client giving the progress of our services and the next move to be taken.


With extensive human and technical resources, a global footprint, and thee necessary depth of know how and experience we are able to support and achieve our clients’ objectives in any corner of the world.

Our diversified status originates from our corporate strategy aimed at creating multiple drivers of growth anchored in our time Tested core competencies: multinational reach, brand building capabilities, effective supply chain management and acknowledged technical and service skills. Over time, the strategic forays into new businesses are expected to garner a significant share of these


Kamwe Trading Company Limited have supported and teamed with many of today’s industry leaders as well as numerous government and law enforcement agencies, some of whom are represented below. From providing FFNSS for Executive Protection, to K9 Security, to conducting threat and vulnerability assessments; Kamwe Trading Company Limited can be expected to meet and exceed contract standards all the time, every time.


At Kamwe Trading Company Limited is able to supply the widest variety of TCN’s in the industry through our offices in Uganda. In addition, we are also have the ability to recruit and mobilize TCN’s by teaming up with partners as per request of the client

Kamwe Trading Company Limited undertakes to provide guard duties to pub- lic and private places and installations at affordable rates to benefit public, while protecting the company reputation.

Some of the areas we cover include but are not limited to:

i. War zone (Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia)

ii. Homes, offices and residencies.

  1. Schools, colleges, universities, hostels, libraries and other educational institutions.
  2. Medical facilities and installations
  3. Markets, hotels, restaurants, lodges, business centers, arcades, halls, malls, streets, leisure centers, saloons, bars, supermarkets, Fuel Stations etc.
  4. Gas and oil service stations,

vii. Banks, financial institutions, foreign exchange bureaus. viii.Worship and other religious and cultural sites.

ix. Executive policy and legal centers i.e. parliament, offices of members of parliament, government and private installations, ministries, legal chambers.

x. Flora and fauna and other conspicuous natural resources
xi. Water-wells, oil-wells, mineral resources and air installations.

xii. Transport facilities and installations i.e. buses, trains, airplanes ,ships, etc xiii. Embassies and High commission residencies and offices.

Our guards are also trained to carry out prompt and basic Investigations of any nature.


1. Security Guard & Escort (armed & unarmed)

2. Dog Service & Dog Training
3. Manufacturing & Construction (Engineers)

4. Hospitality (Waiters/Waitress, and Chefs)

5. House maids / House keepers

6. Hospital & Para Medical (Nurses)

7. Petrochemical (Oil & Gas)

8. Transportation & Logistics (Drivers)

9. IT

10. Management Staff; Back Office Staff, Receptionist, Accountants, and Sales Executives


Our operators are also able to protect the vehicles and cargo of logistical con- voys in high threat environments. We use coordinated movements, seizure
of key terrain, and proactive reaction activities to successfully counter hostile activity before it reaches the convoy.

These convoy missions require altered techniques from PSD missions to succefully complete the movement.