At Kamwe Trading Company Limited is able to supply the widest variety of TCN’s in the industry through our offices in Uganda. In addition, we are also have the ability to recruit and mobilize TCN’s by teaming up with partners as per request of the client

Kamwe Trading Company Limited undertakes to provide guard duties to pub- lic and private places and installations at affordable rates to benefit public, while protecting the company reputation.

Some of the areas we cover include but are not limited to:

i. War zone (Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia)

ii. Homes, offices and residencies.

Schools, colleges, universities, hostels, libraries and other educational institutions.
Medical facilities and installations
Markets, hotels, restaurants, lodges, business centers, arcades, halls, malls, streets, leisure centers, saloons, bars, supermarkets, Fuel Stations etc.
Gas and oil service stations,
vii. Banks, financial institutions, foreign exchange bureaus. viii.Worship and other religious and cultural sites.

ix. Executive policy and legal centers i.e. parliament, offices of members of parliament, government and private installations, ministries, legal chambers.

x. Flora and fauna and other conspicuous natural resources
xi. Water-wells, oil-wells, mineral resources and air installations.

xii. Transport facilities and installations i.e. buses, trains, airplanes ,ships, etc xiii. Embassies and High commission residencies and offices.

Our guards are also trained to carry out prompt and basic Investigations of any nature.


We offer Dog Handling services and Training to both public and private companies. Our Dog handler has the capacity to detect any substance in Vehicles, containers, Vessels, cargo, Luggage for anything like Tobacco products, Explosives, cell phones, Narcotics, firearms, and many others. Canine assets are becoming more and more important in light of the current terrorist threat levels around the world.

We are able to field substantial numbers of dogs and handlers that are certified in explosive detection, attack work, and general security. Our dogs have a thirty year bloodline and come from one of the most respected kennels in the Canine industry.

Other specialized security services include;
1. Electronic Security Gadgets (Alarm, Monitoring and Quick Response)

2. Cash in transit (CIT)
3. Risk Control Surveys
4. Electronic/Technical, Survey (CCTV, Access/Egress Control)


Our operators are also able to protect the vehicles and cargo of logistical convoys in high threat environments. We use coordinated movements, seizure of key terrain, and proactive reaction activities to successfully counter hostile activity before it reaches the convoy. These convoy missions require altered techniques from PSD missions to successfully complete the movement


Static security entails a wide variety of security measures to insure the integrity of the site. Our guards are trained to US Department of State standards in
the areas of perimeter security, entry control techniques, roving patrol, quick reaction force operations, as well as vehicle, person, and package searches and visitor traffic logging. Whatever the size or type of site Kamwe Trading Company Limited operators can competently fulfil the mission.


All Kamwe Trading Company Limited marine security team members are fully STCW certified and operate at the highest standard of excellence and professionalism. This high level of team expectation mitigates risk, enhances client confidence and provides cost-effective solutions. Our maritime security team members are trained to maintain a constant state of readiness but aim to deter piracy activities with minimal force while ensuring the overall safety of the vessel and crew.

As one of our core competencies, At Kamwe Trading Company Limited has been built upon a solid foundation of training. We provide some of the most in depth static security instruction and training for each and every one of our TCN’s prior to their deployment in a security role. This has proven instrumental to our success in the industry as one of the leading TCN providers.

Kamwe Trading Company Limited has existing training facilities, both in Uganda and abroad. These sites are complete with lodging and accommodations, classrooms, well stocked armories, ranges and everything needed to host a training cycle required to prepare a security detail for their upcoming deployment.



Through our wide network of vendors, Kamwe Trading Company Limited can quickly provide all necessary equipment to complete the security mission at hand. We have both US and local sources for uniforms and tactical gear, and can also supply the client with weapons, ammunition, optics, communications, body armor, and other needed items at competitive prices, as well as assist in the importation into the theatre of operations.

Kamwe Trading Company Limited is also able to supply vehicles in theatre to support PSD and convoy operations. We can deliver both armored and unarmored vehicles of all types, such as low profile compact vehicles, high profile SUV’s, and pick up / cargo vehicles. We can obtain these vehicles in the US, from armor factories in the Middle East, and from local sources in country. We also have the capability to provide maintenance and repair for these vehicles in theatre.