Kampala Uganda / Dubai


Masters of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies. (PCS), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Annual Certificates in International Management, Annual Certificates in International

Management for Young Executives. Certificate of Accounting & Finance for Non-finance Executives. Fred is a Retired Colonel and was the Managing Director of National Enterprise Corporation (NEC), a commercial arm of the Uganda Peoples Defence

Force (UPDF). He was the overall in charge of NEC day-to-day business activities. Under NEC there several subsidiary companies and joint ventures, namely; Luwero Industries Ltd, NEC Construction, Works and Engineering Ltd, NEC Farm Katonga Ltd; NEC Tractor Hire Scheme Ltd, NEC Healthworld Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Ugiran Ltd. All these are companies run and managed on a commercial basis, even though they belong to Government. He is also a Board Director in the following companies; Victoria Electricity Supply Company Limited; Kaaro Development Strategy Initiative Trust and Kamwe Trading Company Limited He has led government and public opinion in this country, where the employment had ceased to be looked upon suspiciously and had become an independent, recognised and a respected “industry” as such, actively supported by the government. In Uganda, this “industry” is actually termed as “Kyeyo”.With extensive physical presence and experience in Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan at the height of the hostilities there, Godfrey is a veteran in “delivering” where it matters most.